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help youth co-edit the 13th year of the good hubs guide

cities with zero ratings - atlanta-rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

trach scores of amzon hq2 - this 200 city ratings process is likely tro choose a best hub city 

newtorks with zero ratings impacthub vetsed intersts of relatively few to people- gets the wring end of socail futures because it is not hitrust space for big data small technologists and it in spite of its global persence it doenst nelp in connexting win-win mapmaers

top rating 9/10 sisters of ihub where loction model sponsored by world elding socla tech

500 women 8/10 west coials best pace hub to value apps etc womens sustanability most needs

1776/ 6/10 has minimum mass n attractng tech

yabt- latin calital hubs variable- while te yatb network does a great job this can be over-eidden by local politcs 





As part of Altanta's 2 year bid to become one of the top twin-caputals of job creation with youth the Norman Macrae Foundation (for pro-youth economics and open education) invited youth to hub job creation solution as around the world

 Some of Youth's Brilliant Worldwide Job Creating Network APPS

Develop youth networks with best trading relationships with China as world’s leading sustainability investor

Plant khan academy type labs wherever 9 minute training ideas could viralise around millions of youth

(eg  nursing college; coding college ..)


open source/tech


cashless banking designed round community sustainability, which networks do you want to help connect.

This survey runs for the ext 2 years as Atlanta prepares the greatest ob creating summit and millennium goals collaboration youth have ever
celebrated. queries
chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Norman Macrae Foundation for YouthCapitalism




Some Hubs and Labs rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk to nominate a listing

Webbed based

.tv wholeplanet futurecapitalism

.com microeducationsummit  trilliondollaraudit mandelauni valuetrue worldclassbrands

Yunus fans family: China, Japan

Grameen fans family : Global Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa

Ning Based : YunusCityBRACnetLeadersandYunus, MYeconomics NormanMacrae

Blog based: YouthCreativeLab


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Panelists and youth prize presenters include

Jim Yong Kim, World Bank

Hadeel Ibrahim executive director mo ibrahim

Ahmad Alhendawi, UN Envoy for Youth

Naila Chowdhury, W4E

Melissa Hillebrenner, Director Girl Up, UN Foundation

Youth summit winners include:

Dwayne Samuels, Jamiaca, Founder Xormis

Salem Kosemani, Nigeria, Team Techoisland

Patrick Olden (St Andrews Scotland) 1 Better Finacial Products for Youth Entrepreneurs in West Africa






Open education is the basis for believing first net generation can be most productive and collaborative ever since dad (at the economist) and my first experiences of youth experimenting with early digital networks in 1972 - this led to next decade of research of Entrepreneurial Revolution at The Economist and book on billion plus new job creation of massive collaboration in 1984 -some of our favorite educator ER until arrival of moocs are

2010s number 1 challenge survey of maximum 9-minute audios with blackboard (ie Khan Academy Style) that millions of youth can change the world withy - connection with specification of top 100 microfranchises that can change the world. Rough proposal of why anywhere linked into massive youth futures (including all universities and schools) needs to develop 9-minute audio labs that youth contribute to


Postcard editorial: Year 42 Quarter 1 from The Economist Youth Entrepreneurial Revolution - our friend taddy blecher (who kindly animated 2nd in series of norman macrae remembrance parties -1 The Economist Boardroom  1A joint souvenir publication with Dr Muhammad Yunus;  2 Taddy Blecher ; 3 Sir Fazle Abed and Japanese Ambassador;  4 Glasgow and Atlanta as Twin Youth Capitals -celebrating the joy of entrepreneurial revolution of youth capitalism and freeing the net generation's net 3 billion jobs) in south africa has shown me his latest project but said its for my eyes only for a few weeks; he's getting funds from south african government and partners like branson and google to guarantee 1 million youth jobs creation over next 5 years and training of 14 million teenagers on entrepreneurship; at the recent world bank youth summit the branson entrepreneurship curriculum was mentioned by a student speaker as the greatest life changer in his transformation from coding whiz to prolific startup partner with his peer generation across jamaica; taddy started the free university in 1999; he has always been skoll's most valued entrepreneur in total education systems well until skoll also featured khan academy last april at his world entrepreneur summits- tantalisingly close to useful connections if only we can find more capital cities (beyond Atlanta) where enough educators and leaders really want them for their youth

MOOCYunus    blog


Wiki25000Youth&YunusRoad to Atlanta

City Montessori -worlds favorite school  and largest social business of education?(50000 )

NZ thelearningweb.net

Free Nursing College

Khan Academy


Iveristy  Udacity and edX  http://www.openuped.eu/


MIT links 5 4 3 2 1

Blecher Free University

Branson sub-curriculum of Blecher

survey of value university


volunteer collaboration editor welcoming your queries: chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc hotline 1 301 881 1655  Norman Macrae Foundation for Youth Capitalism -contribute to search for youth's most massive future collaborators

linkedi 9500 ;  twitter Obamauni -how do we truly help youth value universities and open education




This site  The Web 


social business investments in hubs linkedin to The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant: Norman Macrae

 History of hubs world and search for exponentials transparent business model partners

Economics: Sch's who's who  ( more details at http://normanmacrae.ning.com/ and http://futurecapitalism.ning.com/)

Norman Macrae's 1976-1984 Entrepreneurial Revolution trilogy (3 2 1) opened leadership debates as to why economics would need to be transformed if net generation is to exponentially sustain the human race


mapped search worldwide that will be needed to change over to an integrated  economics hubbed out of 2 million global villages empowering 7 billion peoples co-creativity first conceptualised by the 2 sch's (schumpeter and schumacher) 

 Moreover these dynamics of networking economics need to be purposefully designed :

win-win-wins reducing degrees of separation on life critical info flows sans fronriers)

freeing community markets round value multplying exchanges of 10 productivity and demands coordinates gravitated by unique energising purpose

Global Village Collaboration: Media, Metrics & Mediation  

Above zero sum games theory of networking around hubs was mathematically advanced by von neumann and economically examined in The Economist by Norman Macrae in the Entrepreneurial Revolution trilogy 1976-1984; its practice was advanced in 1996 my muhammad yunus whose courageous microcredit womens networking since 1976 linked in 100000+ village hubs by buying up mobile franchise in Bangladesh at less than one hundredth of its then value due to an erroneous forecast by a world bank consultant, yunus economic genius and his mentoring at that time by MIT (whose sloan management school were also the sponsors of the biography of von neumann) 

9/11 and 7/7 spurred our family associates to commit to scalling up investments in hubs and what transparency maps are needed- our deepest reporter is the war correspondent callum; our other living missionary is the other one of the 2 norman macraes ; our economics guide died summer 2010 fondly remembered as The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant

in 2001-2004 we tried to connect the eu's knowledgboard with emotional intelligence, and system design of micro-up ngos, and open space (practice of peace) from which we innovated the collaboration cafe format.  and out og London global reconciliation network and simppl and be the change- when this resulted in the disastrous 7/7 including the death of one of our most inspiring co-workers , we held an open space in the islington hub inviting only those whose deepest goal was in sustainability exponential destruction crisis that they would openly share all the lead conections of their networks; we sponsored 2 years of research which led to the publication of the first worldwide hub guide during an event that was bilked as being 24 weeks of open space in east central london and identification of 20 hi-trust permission maps as well as a way to start up research that dr yunus asked 3 of us to start doing;  ... 




Our members champion hubs. Our favorite hub network consists of 8 million poorest village mothers hubbed in over 100000 village centres of 60 families. These members bank, community market and share knowhow; over their 35 years existence they have originated some of the most desperately needed solutions in sustainability world and taken every opportunity to linkin the productive capabilities of youth

if this matters to you - email info@worldcitizen.tv subject membership inquiries

We published the first Good Hubs Guide in 2006, and update it continuously.

For us a hub is a space that is open culturally and involved in helping open source one or more solutions to the greatest service needs of communities around the world. - see also worldclassprojects.net on how we seek to engage world leaders in valuing the detaiuled maps only hub intelligence can network at the speed of change

 Involvement of hubs can may mean : replicating a world saving solution through to global villages in greatest need, co-creating a solution, funding a solution a poorest youth community needs, or changing education. This is effectively done by providing young people an after-school space -or mentored internet cafe! - to serve greatest needs and map how to value entrepreneurial models that develop places so that next generations can be more and more productive without causing any conflict with neighbours or communities in another hemisphere. Actions in pursposeful teams are also the best way we know of developing a young person's personal network to be entrepreneurially brilliant in the sense of making more jobs than one takes. 

Ubiquitous telecoms change the economic capability of hubs by an order of magnitude in vital human rights areas including banking and investment. However technology for humanity does not work independently of what cuture was grounded in real communities. Our favotite hub spent 20 years refining their 16 decision investment culture before mobile connectivity networked all 100000 hubs.

Future of HubsWorld partners

we sampled londoners with 1000 yunus books in early 2008 including 450 to the launch of the world entrepreneur network; helped 2 by 1000 yunus meetings and 35 people collaboration lunch at the royal automobile club . This was hosted round 85th birthdays wishes of norman macrae - The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant whose career was spent editing  enetrepreneurial revolution's best moments


This led ro  3 summer projects: 2008 yunus 10000 dvd; 2009 yunus 69th birthday wishes dhaka; 2010 glasgow 500 declaration of interdependence weekend around yunus 7th decade wishes. launch of 2 Journals on Social Business and invitation to make 2010s most exciting decade. A major collaboration aim is to empower youth networks to hub round 20 sustainability goals they choose for 2020 connected to global grameen partners linked by futuie capital portals like http://www.danonecommunities.com/ and http://www.singforhope.org/  


At the end of 2010 Yunus was subjected to a vendetta from various vested interests including Bangladesh's ruling government and the accident-prone BBC. This has raised the ante on the mobility of hubs to exchange knowow of Yunus and the 100 world leaders whose most exciting projects he inspires as worldwide youth joins in races to poverty museums matched by leaders investing in heroic youth goals (through social busienss stockmarkets and other new models of private and public partnership mediated by youth)


HUBBING GOOD NEWS DECADE www.youthandyunus.com  

We wish to help design meta-hubs round 5 microeconomics job creators - 2 yunuses (Muhammad and Monica), sir fazle abed, ingrid munro, sam daley harris; we have sponsored the leaflet series consider bangladesh and invite future capitals to do so likewise before yunus testifies at US congress in 2011 which is Bangladesh's 40th anniverary as a free nation; we helped launch journal of job creating economics by sampling it to 3000 leaders of yunus choice and through all hubs committed to social business model


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